Birthday Party photos

Let us photograph your birthday party and you can be in the photos


Cute little naked boy!

Grandpa wants to know if he will be embarrassed someday!


She's Two!

Finally able to photograph Aeverie in her birthday dress.


Sometimes we forget that we as parents should be photographed just as a couple. I'll always remember when my oldest son when he was around 3 pointed out the family grouping on the wall included me and his dad with no kids!

A Birthday!

Granddaughter Millie has turned 7!  What a fun photo shoot. All of her ideas were great. Some of the best photos of her were from her ideas. A clever girl.


One of the things I love about being a photograher is photographing my own family. Now that we have 6 grandchildren, with a 7th one on the way, we have lots of opportunities to capture everyday moments with our family.